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About Hummel & Co. Inc.

Hummel & Co. Inc. is a professional soils and turfgrass consultancy serving the golf course, sports field, and landscape industries. Started in 1991 as a small consulting venture, Hummel & Co. Inc became one of the most respected soil physical testing laboratories in the industry. In January 2015 the soil testing portion of the business was merged with Turf Diagnostics and Design to form Turf and Soil Diagnostics. The merger of these two companies will result in a lab network with unparalleled testing expertise and experience. Hummel & Co. is now a consultancy only, with an affiliation with Turf and Soil Diagnostics.


I am Dr. Norman Hummel, President and Owner of Hummel & Co. Inc.. I started working in this business over 40 years ago on the crew of the Park Club in Buffalo, NY. After receiving a degree with honors from New Mexico State University, I earned MS and PhD degrees from the Pennsylvania State University in Agronomy with an emphasis in soil science. Since that time I worked on the faculties at Iowa State University (1982 - 1984) and Cornell University (1984 - 1995). From 1991 to 1993 I had the privilege of working with the United States Golf Association writing their greens construction specifications and the ASTM test methods used to evaluate sand based mixes for greens and sports fields. I was also the primary author of the ASTM Minimum Standards for the Maintenance of Cool Season Sports Fields.

My philosophy is to work with my clients to solve their soil or construction problems. I have no commercial affiliations. Therefore, my recommendations are unbiased and my opinions honest.

I can help you by reviewing your soil test results, help you in developing or reviewing construction specifications for soil, drainage, turfgrass plantings, or to provide troubleshooting assistance. I am also available for speaking engagements or staff training.


Over the past several years I have serviced many of the top 100 golf courses, including over 60% of PGA Tour host golf courses. I have reviewed, revised, or written the specifications for many high profile projects including the Great Lawn in New York City, Bryant Park in New York City, the National Mall, Target Field (Minnesota Twins) and many other major league baseball, major league soccer, and NFL team stadiums and practice facilities. The same services have been provided for school districts and municipalities around the country.

I have performed soil diagnostic work on hundreds of golf courses, sports fields, and parks, working with the client on remediating the situation. I will continue to offer these services through my affiliation with Turf and Soil Diagnostics. Finally, I have served as an expert witness in several cases for both plaintiff and defendants.