soil testing


Hummel & Co. offers testing and consulting services on hundreds of projects every year. Here are a few that we are especially proud of.

National Mall

I worked with HOK, the National Park Service, and Brightview Landscape on the renovation of the National Mall in Washington. I wrote the soil specifications and oversaw quality control of the engineered soils that went into the Mall.

Renovation of East Meadow, New York Central Park.

I worked with the design and maintenance staff at the Central Park Conservancy on the renovation of the East Meadow Lawn. I provided soil and turfgrass specifications and guidance on drainage design. The project was recognized by the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic District.

Rush Henrietta High School Sports Field Project.

I worked with the district landscape architect, the school's sports turf manager, and LaBella Associates on the design of two sand-based sports fields for the school district. I provided root zone and turfgrass specifications on this successful project. The lab at Hummel & Co. Inc (now Turf and Soil Diagnostics) provided the mix design and quality control testing.

Trinity Forest Golf Club, Dallas Texas.

I worked with agronomic consultants on this golf project, the future home of the Byron Nelson Classic. The designers (Coore and Crenshaw) wanted to use on-site sands for the construction of all areas of the course. The lab at Hummel & Co. Inc (now Turf and Soil Diagnostics) performed extensive testing on samples from the site to help identify sands suitable for greens, fairways, and roughs, and to determine the profile depths that would be required for the sand profiles to perform properly.

Scioto Country Club, Columbus OH

Hummel & Co. Inc was asked by Scioto Country Club to develop a mix that would have the agronomic characteristics of a well built sand-based green, but would provide a firm playing surface. Working closely with the root zone mix supplier, Kurtz Bros., and Profile products, we developed a mix composed of soil and Profile Porous Ceramics that provided the club with such a mix.

Since the completion of Scioto Country Club, Hummel & Co. Inc has also worked with other clubs reconstructing greens that had the same design intent, including Congressional Country Club, Saucon Valley Country Club, Hazeltine Golf Club, and Edina Country Club. Different approaches to the Scioto Country Club mix were taken to develop firm mixes for these projects.

Mirival Living 72th Street, New York, NY

Hummel & Co. Inc. was asked by parties involved in the construction of this on-structure (roof-top) lawn area to assess drainage problems experienced following construction. Working with the designers, H.M White, we helped develop a new drainage plan and root zone specifications for the lawn replacement. We also worked with the root zone supplier, Long Island Compost, during the mix development and quality control phases by providing the necessary testing.

Alliance Bank Stadium, Syracuse, NY

Hummel & Co. Inc. worked with designers Appel Osborne in the development of specifications for the replacement of a synthetic turf field with a natural turf field. We also provided the materials testing for the project, including root zone mix design and quality control testing.

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

After a devastating winter in 2008-2009, the staff at Dartmouth College asked Dr. Norm Hummel to visit the campus to provide an assessment of their sports fields and to make recommendations for renovation and maintenance. Thanks to the hard work of the field maintenance staff, the fields were brought back into great shape in time for summer camps.

Tennis Court - Private Residence

Hummel and Co worked with Read Customs soils in Massachusetts designing a soil mix for a grass tennis court. A blend of specified sand, compost, and Dura Edge infield mix produced a firm but well drained surface. According to the owner, the court has drawn the attention of many of the area's top lawn tennis players.

Nashua High School, Nashua, NH

Dr. Norm Hummel was invited to serve as an expert witness in a case involving problems associated with the construction of sports fields at this facility. After visiting the site and testing on-site soils, recommendations were made to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The matter was settled out of court and after the fix was made the school had fields that performed as they expected. Dr. Hummel has served as an expert on many cases and is available to help you.