soil testing


Report Review: I have written test reports for tens of thousands of soil, sand, gravel, and other materials over the past several years. There are few people with the experience that I have in reviewing and interpreting soil physical test reports. I am available to review your soil physical test reports and offer recommendations and/or an opinion. I would be glad to review your reports before and during a construction project and to provide testing guidance throughout. If you have any question on a soil test report you have, I'll be glad to help.

I would also be available to review any soil nutrient test reports and offer suggestions for your fertilizer programming.

The cost for this service is $200/hour, $50 minimum. Credit cards are the accepted form of payment. Most interpretations with written comments can be completed in under 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Educational Programs: I am available to speak at any company sponsored program, whether it is for your clients or an in-house program for your staff. Speaking times can range from 1 hour to all day seminars. Topics can range from basic soil science to the properties of engineered soils, infield soils, topdressing, bunker sand selection, field safety standards, sports field drainage, managing greens surfaces, and others. I take pride in my ability to present complex topics in common language. My speaking engagements and seminars have been highly rated in the past. Please call or email me for a quote.

Design Guidance: I am available to work with design and engineering firms to write or review soil, drainage, and turfgrass specifications. Applications can include golf course mixes, sand-based or soil-based sports field soils, bioretention soils, and soils for different landscape installations. See my portfolio for examples of projects that utilized my design assistance. Please call or email me for a quote.

On-Site and Forensic Consultations: I am available for on-site consultations to assess soil and turf conditions. I have a great deal of experience performing such visits, on sports fields in particular. Cases have included my assessment of my clients' facilities with recommendations for improvements.

I have also been called in on numerous cases to assess poor construction of golf course greens, tees, and fairways, and of new sports fields. Some of these cases resulted in litigation that was eventually resolved without trial to the satisfaction of both parties in the dispute.

Please call or email me for a quote.